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Echo Messaging presents Artificial Intelligence for the Internet of Things at FTC 2016

Co-founders, Gerald Deane and Tammy Fuller of Echo Messaging Systems, recently spoke at FTC 2016, the IEEE Future Technology Conference in San Francisco, to speak on the company's work on Artificial Intelligence systems, by presenting a paper titled "IoT Applications in an Adaptive Intelligent System with Responsive Anomaly Detection". Echo Messaging has been able to leverage their past experience in AI to provide solutions for the growing 'Internet of Things', turning formerly tedious tasks automatic, using Push Notification and Geofencing. Push Notification provides communication channels to control and interact with millions and even billions of connected devices on the Internet. Geofenced channels communicate with devices based on specific locations using on their GPS position including altitude. With solutions made for real people, Echo Messaging continues to deliver exceptional products and advance the field of Artificial Intelligence all at the same time. With 30 years of experience in the field, Echo Messaging has worked not only to advance the science of AI but to find ways to apply it to problems encountered by small and medium size businesses. Rather than trying to teach people how to think like computers, Echo Messaging has been making their programs adaptable and able to respond to human problems.



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