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Echo attends D-Wave Qubits International User Conference in Boston

Key Takeaways from Qubits 2024 Conference

  • New non-linear solver to tackle real-world problems of growing complexity.

  • Many are looking to leverage Generative AI with Quantum Processing.

  • Workforce scheduling was often pointed to as a key quantum optimization application.

  • Many are focusing on finding ways to bridge the gap between quantum opportunities and customers.

Our Findings

  • An interface that allows customers with optimization problems such as workforce scheduling, resource alocation, and routing is needed to overcome learning curve challenges in quantum processing.

  • Large corporations are currently targeted as early adoptors, but we feel that SMBs are key early users as their need for optimization via quantum processing is widespread.

  • The D-Wave community all agree that a hybrid approach is the only way to leverage quantum processing. Agent-based programming provides a natural avenue for functionally breaking down problems into simpler multiple sub-problems instead of only along classical/quantum lines.

  • Manufacturing AI Automation will greatly benefit from quantum processing by providing real-time optimizations on a manufacturing floor.

Expanded Evolution of AI Automation using ADIN



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