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Investor Relations

With solutions that automate complex processes and unlock productivity, we help businesses grow.


Founded in 2004 with the desire to create new and valuable technologies that give small and big businesses alike the tools to grow 

500+ Clients

Since then we have partnered with clients all over the globe who know our commitment to providing solutions that work


Our research and development are making waves in the computing world in the fields of AI, Quantum Computing, and Agent-Based Programming



As more systems are built and integrated into business workflows, these softwares are becoming increasingly more challenging to communicate with one another. As much as automation software helps businesses operate with more efficiency and reduced costs, it can also lead to hassle without the proper framework and expertise. These shortcomings lead to clients spending additional resources filling in the blanks these custom automation systems lack. Many software developers can automate 80% of the process, but by not fully automating these complex processes, some developers make things worse by adding more tasks to the clients workflow. We automate the entire 100% to tackle all of your business logic and customer specialization needs.


Agent-based programming technology created by Echo Messaging Systems is at the heart of our ADIN™ AI framework. ADIN stands for Anomaly Detection and Intelligent Notification, and is a set of software technologies that enable rapid development of highly complex and extremely stable software systems.  All software is created by EMSI in the US.  All products are built off this 100% proprietary AI-based automation platform.


Organizations can easily automate complex processes through a powerful, flexible platform, and can connect their entire cloud stack thanks to APIs.  Using our framework built over the last 15 years, we have the building blocks ready to be assembled to roll out customer ready software using state of the art technology to fully automate client workflows from data syncing, logistics, scheduling, and more. 


ADIN™ AI Engine used commercially:

  • Automated Notification Systems

  • Emergency Safety Apps

  • DataSyncs, Bridging Software

  • Unstructured-to-Structured Data

  • Container Technology

  • Geospatial Applications

  • IoT applications

  • Dashboards for Cognitive Apps

  • Digital Twin Technology

Echo Messaging Systems, Inc. is a Rhode Island S Corporation. Echo Messaging Systems, Inc. is offering limited liability company interests to eligible investors the opportunity to purchase Class A or Class B shares.  

(Terms subject to change.  This investment involves significant risks, as described in the offering materials. Read all offering materials carefully as they contain important information regarding this offering.)


For More Information Email:


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Revenue Model

We provide subscription-based pricing for hosted software as well as project-based pricing for more custom specialization software. We provide automated systems on multiple marketplaces including the QuickBooks, InfusionSoft, Shopify marketplaces, and more. Many customers stay with us for a long time and will continue to hire us to implement updates, for example when updating their network or switching business systems.

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