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About Us

At Echo Messaging Systems, our mission is to push automation forward so people can focus on business, not busy work.

Who We Are

Gerald Deane and Tammy Fuller started Echo Messaging in 2004 with a vision of solving complex problems that businesses routinely face. They questioned how artificial intelligence could connect the growing marketplace of software, be more equitable, and push technology forward in a meaningful way.

With over 50 years combined experience in software engineering and hardware, we specialize in software products that facilitate communication and bridge systems to solve larger business problems using Artificial Intelligence. We regularly participate in conferences related to future technologies such as Internet of Things and Quantum Computing, as well as publish technical papers maintained by IEEE. All citations are indexed on Google Scholar.


Gerald Deane, President and CEO, is a former Design Engineering Professor from Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI.  Mr. Deane has run three prior successful companies in the areas of hardware and IC (integrated circuit) design and electronics engineering.  Mr. Deane operated his own Taekwondo martial arts school and is a 4th degree black belt.


Tammy Fuller, VP and Chief Architect, with a background in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Speech recognition has developed large-scale web and mobile applications, and custom applications for commercial, medical and defense fields.  She is author of The XML Design Handbook and ran two prior companies in the areas of custom software engineering.

Countries Running Echo Messaging Software

Echo Messaging Systems Inc offers products and custom software to businesses for automation, streamlining, and going paperless, while reducing errors & duplicate entry, and improving productivity. We have bridged many types of software in accounting, inventory, scheduling, communication, mobile devices, barcode, payment, and more. Located in Lincoln, RI. Echo Messaging Systems Inc offers the security and convenience of a U.S. based corporation. All software is produced in-house.

We work with all major APIs, desktop and online software, including QuickBooks, InfusionSoft, HubSpot, Zapier, Caspio, Peachtree/Sage, ServiceCEO, Map Point, Magento, Networks Solutions E-Commerce, Salesforce, Paypal, Stripe, Auth.NET, Outlook, Intellitrak Inventory Management, Google Maps and Outlook Exchange Calendars.

Echo Messaging Systems has created core Intellectual Property called ADIN™ that is an Artificial Intelligent-based system known as an Intelligent Framework with Autonomous Agents. This system is at the core of all Echo Messaging Products and facilitates rapid development of complex applications involving communication, multiple systems and advanced triggering criteria.  With customers all over the globe, across most US states, North and South America, Western and Central Europe, Africa and Australia.

Our Awards

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