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Anomaly Detection and Intelligent Notification

Echo Messaging Systems is pleased to announce that our paper titled "Anomaly Detection and Intelligent Notification", (aka ADIN 2.0) has been accepted for presentation and publication at the Future of Information and Communication Conference (FICC) 2018, an IEEE-sponsored international conference held in Singapore, in April 2018. Since FTC2016 in San Francisco, we have been invited to submit new research and ongoing findings for our novel approach to using intelligent systems and autonomous agents for software development, where we describe key advantages to reducing overall complexity, while increasing resource allocation using the ADIN 2.0 engine. Since the start of Echo Messaging Systems in 2007, our commercial applications have been based on intelligent systems, which has provided validation of the viability of this approach. In this paper, we discuss how to apply these same techniques to develop a new AI-based Operating System - AI-OS. We would like to thank SAI - Science and Information Organization, based in the UK for inviting us, as well as conference sponsors who include IBM Watson, AI X-prize, IEEE, and Brown University Executive Master in Science and Technology Leadership. A link to the PDF is available HERE.



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