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ADIN + IoT for Insects Analytics

ADIN (tm) is the foundation for a new IoT (Internet of Things) application for tracking, detecting, and monitoring insects for the food and storage industry. The web and mobile app is called ‘ForesightIPM’ where IPM stands for Insect Pheromone Monitoring, by Insects Limited, Inc.

Fortune 50, 100 and 500 food & pet food manufacturers, and a globally-recognized museum in the top 3 most-visited worldwide, are among the many large and small organizations that use ForesightIPM to know and predict insect infestations to save food supplies in this multi-billion dollar, green technology effort. ADIN interacts with thousands of camera-enabled insect traps, called SightTraps, across the planet working with AWS (Amazon) technology.

Here are screenshots of the Mobile app that runs on Apple and Android devices, that customers and installers use to setup and monitor their SightTraps remotely.

We also developed their web application which connects to ADIN and allows customers to setup, monitor and work with data analytics to predict infestations to avoid the billions of dollars wasted each year by food spoilage.

ADIN is used for asynchronous and background tasks for accessing the daily or hourly images taken by the remote SightTraps, monitoring insect level thresholds and when infestation levels are exceeded, automatically issue warnings before losses occur.

This IoT application is a great example of how human resources can be best used. ADIN agents pinpoint where problems are before they occur, telling pest control technicians where to devote efforts, which also reduces the need for widespread pesticide use. Insect breeding is affected by weather, and with climate change making weather conditions more erratic and more intense, an application like ForesightIPM using ADIN is a preeminent use of automation to rapidly respond to and get ahead of hard to predict conditions.



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