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With our ADIN™ AI-based automation platform, we help businesses digitally transform by building exciting new projects, automating complex tasks, and finding custom software solutions.

Agent-Based Programming is at the foundation of ADIN™.  Each Agent runs asynchronously, and has it's own configurable set of triggering criteria and action responses. Learn more about Agent-Based Technologies

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Agent Based Programming
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About Us

Echo Messaging Systems is a US based software development company that specializes in AI solutions to help your business automate and grow. We develop innovative and creative products and services to automate your most expensive and time consuming tasks. Our specialties include automated workflows, data syncs, application development, portal management, and more.

Contact us today to see how we can provide a tailor made solution for you.

Agent-Based Programming

Since 2008, when we created our first agent-based process from the original 'Echo Messaging System Delivery Engine', we discovered the benefits to breaking down complex problems into manageable, reusable, configurable agents in real-world applications.  Our experience includes quantum computing, data syncs, IoT, Machine Learning, cognitive applications, and modernizing complicated manual systems. 


Since then, we have spent more than 15 years researching AI-based Intelligent Systems and developing a framework used in all of our software.


We took the theory behind Agent-Based Processing and turned it into fact.  All of our products and custom projects are built using agent-based technology, going back to 2008 and are in use today.  Container Technology, such as Docker, is used to manage scaling to a large number of agents.

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Automate and Scale with Agent-Based Technologies


Anomaly Detection and Intelligent Notification

An Artificial Intelligence framework that forms the basis for automated adaptive intelligent systems with many demonstrated applications. Using our ADIN intelligent system, you can empower your employees to improve the way they work and reduce costs. Automatically generate business-critical documents, assign tasks, and digitally sign, send, store data and files across multiple systems, and much more.

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Trusted and Reliable Experts

• Founded in 2004

• Cutting edge research and technology

• 500+ clients around the world

• Trusted industry professionals

• Proven track record of satisfied clients

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Trusted by over 500 great businesses

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We Specialize in

•  Software-to-Software DataSyncs

•  Artificial Intelligence

•  Custom Software

•  Accounting Software

•  Scheduling

•  Payment

•  Inventory

•  Communication

•  Mobile Devices

Custom Solutions for your Needs

Every business has its own way of operating with specific software needs. That's why we work with all major APIs, desktop, and online software. 

Bridging the Gap 

We connect software that others can't and provide custom solutions for your most expensive and time consuming tasks. That saves you time and money so your business can focus on the important things.


AI Automation Engine

•  Custom Software

•  DataSyncs:

  • QuickBooks Desktop

  • QuickBooks online

  • Infusionsoft/Keap

  • Many others

•  Automated Workflows

•  Unified Portal

•  QuickBooks Desktop Maintenance Tools

•  Safe Zones

•  Find Me Safety

Quantum Computing Applications


•  Optimization

•  Scheduling

•  Routing

•  Resource Allocation

Cognitive Application Engine


•  ADIN Dashboards


IoT Applications

• IoT Applications



Workwave / ServiceCEO








Sage 50 / Peachtree

Sage 100 Standard / MAS 90

Sage 100 Premium / MAS 200

QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Mac

GoldTech POS


Coresystems / SAP

Network Solutions ECommerce

Magneto / Magento2

And more...

If your software is not listed, please contact us and we will do our best to provide it as a Plug-in.

"Great Product & Great Team"

"We are so grateful that Echo Messaging Systems have created this product for QuickBooks Desktop + Infusionsoft. There aren't many options for integrating these two apps, and after researching the others, it was clear that EchoWare offered a superior product AND much better support. We have been so happy with the service we get from Echo Messaging Systems and the time that having hundreds of invoices synced directly to Infusionsoft/Keap saves our finance team."

Melissa Yee | InfusionSoft to Quickbooks DataSync

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect to other systems?

If you have a need to connect one system to another and you don't see it listed as a plug-in here, call us and we can create a custom Plug-in to fit your needs.  We create plugs-ins for data syncs, automated workflows, hosted applications and installed applications to meet any business need by connecting to API's, databases, or even CSV files and mailboxes.

Can I automate purchase orders or invoices to go directly in my accounting system?

Yes, let us know which accounting system you use and where the PO's and/or invoices are created and we will provide a data sync that syncs PO's, invoices, customers, products and services.

I spend hours manually entering customers into QuickBooks Desktop - can you automate this?

Yes, our AI-based plug-in system makes it quick and easy to get data syncs to mirror your manual tasks, including any special custom fields, and business logic that is specific to your workflow.

Can I have payments automatically update with their associated invoiced in my accounting system?

Yes, invoices previously synced into your accounting system, can be updated to connect to payments made at a later time, as they are synced, to show invoices as 'Paid'.

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