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Introducing Push EchoWare™ from Echo Messaging Systems for IoT

Push EchoWare is a suite of web and mobile software components aimed to solve problems in communicating information, commands and media content to mobile and embedded devices, specifically for the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things involves connecting devices to the internet for status, control, communication, upgrades and more. Estimates indicate 13B connected devices by 2020. IoT devices are any device with Mobile based technology embedded inside, such as mobile tablets, smart phones, next generation kitchen appliances, cars with embedded mobile technology, smart home sensors for security, HVAC, pool, etc, medical/health devices, and more. Push Echoware allows users to create one and two-way communication channels to single, groups, or many thousands of devices via the Internet. Communication channels can be public, where any Push EchoWare mobile app can subscribe, or private, where subscribers are invited to join.

Geo-Fencing is an option where channels respond with pushed notifications based on the location of Push EchoWare Mobile app devices. A user or device running the Push EchoWare mobile app, that has subscribed to a geo-fenced channel will receive location-specific push notifications, only upon crossing into a virtual Geo-Fenced region. No SIM card Technology is needed for Push EchoWare notifications to be delivered. All push commands are delivered over the Internet and do not require a cell phone data plan, SIM card, or any cell-based phone technology. Any place where the Internet works means Push EchoWare notifications can be sent. Based on Artificial Intelligence with an Intelligent System at its heart, Adan™ anomaly detection automatically and continuously monitors for abnormal behavior, and notifies immediately when communication, usage, or responses fall outside normal parameters. Push EchoWare will be available for trial accounts and will be demonstrated at FTC2016 - Future Technology Conference.


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