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Define Safe Zones and Track the Healthy using AI

The Question: How can we help businesses restart safely after / during a pandemic using our Echo Messaging software?

How we think we can help: Use proven AI based software to define individuals and businesses that can immediately be considered SAFE. This is the opposite of contact tracing infected people. Instead, find and identify the healthy, along with specific SAFE locations where the healthy are allowed access (businesses, school, restaurants, retail, offices, food processing plants, etc,). Using AI will keep the healthy population currently identified and allow expanding the set of SAFE regions where they can go.

  • can be indicated by an individual having tested Antibody positive for COVID-19

  • SAFE can also be considered by answering the following:

  • Temperature below 99 degrees

  • Have not been in contact with COVID-19 infected person

  • Have followed quarantine guidelines for at least 14 days

  • If questions are not answered yes to all, individuals must get a positive antibody test before being declared SAFE.

Track test expiration dates depending on their type and automatically remind and track answers will give employers' HR and Security departments the needed information to properly credential people returning to safe workforce zones. As everything we know about Covid is likely to evolve, plus vary from state to state, a system that can adapt to a dynamic environment is imperative. Make credentialing easy and low cost using widely available resources such as RFID tags, BLE / Bluetooth, QR-bar coded wrist straps/lanyards/cards for people to carry.

Echo's dynamic grouping feature allows for iterative refined targeting of groups of people based on constantly updated attributes of the individuals. An example of a dynamic group is people who tested Antibody positive more than 2 weeks ago - this group receives notices to be retested and will no longer have access to company safe zones until the test has been updated. Another dynamic group example is people who interact with the public that are considered higher risked are retested weekly. Another dynamic group are people who received a new improved antibody test and work in isolation based on their job function and therefore their tests expired in 4 weeks instead of two. These times are all examples and can change based on the specific need of the company maintaining the Safe zones.

With up-to-date testing and tracking, people can gain access to geo-fenced enabled workforce SAFE zones. Ongoing messaging and constantly gathering and updating a persistent knowledge base for each individual gives companies insight into a complex tracking and credentialing problem.

As Contract Tracing systems come online, this system of tracking the healthy and SAFE areas will dovetail together to further enable the marketplace and economy. Echo's messaging software is used for dynamic grouping that can guide how people are tested and when as shown below.

Echo Messaging Systems, Inc is an 18 years old business located in Lincoln, RI that has developed a significant number of AI based commercial applications successfully used by businesses throughout the world. With our experience with proven software, we have helped many difficult problems in many different industries. We think we can help here as well. Link to website customers.

Our systems are driven by an artificial intelligent engine that allows fast development with ease of connecting multiple diverse databases. Link to AI Engine website.

Echo Messaging Systems, Inc. has participated in a number of AI conferences and has received awards for leadership and quality. Link to website news.


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